Chapter 5. Initial Configuration

The goal of this section is to teach the reader how to perform Initial Configuration on their newly installed EnGarde Secure Linux machine. By the end of this chapter you will have completed Initial Configuration and may begin using EnGarde Secure Linux.

5.1. Guardian Digital Secure Network Configuration

The Guardian Digital Secure Network is the primary means for obtaining free system and security software updates for your EnGarde Secure Linux server. If you have an Activation Code (from a previous installation), enter it in the fields below. If you have not previously received an Activation Code, it's easy. Simply click on the Create GDSN Account button and fill out the form. Once you create your GDSN account, the system will automatically confirm you as activated, and you will be ready to configure your server, and proceed with Initial Configuration.

Figure 5-1. Guardian Digital Network Configuration

5.1.1. Activation Code and Password

If you already have an Activation Code then enter it in this box. Please note that if you are re-installing EnGarde Secure Linux you need to reset your machine secret.

Enter your Activation Password into the boxes provided.