3.2. Configure standard IMAP

Next, configure standard IMAP to listen on the local interface "". First check if IMAP is currently running by

    # chkconfig --list  | grep imap
       simap:  on

The above shows that secure imap is running, this is NOT what we need, which is plain imap (non-SSL mode). To enable plain imap:

    # cd /etc/xinetd.d
    # cp -p simap imap

Edit the imap file using a text editor such as 'vi' and perform the following changes.

Now we want to configure the system so this starts at bootup. Run the following command.

    # chkconfig --add xinetd

Now verify that imap is in the "on" bootup state.

    # chkconfig --list  | grep imap
       simap:  on
       imap:   on