3.5. Access Control Files

Access Control Files are used by the WebTool to constrain access to certain modules from restricted WebTool users. The Access Control file is stored in the your module directory and is always named .acl. It consists of a listing of the CGI scripts belonging to the module, each followed by two four digit module codes (assigned in the webtool module, see its source code for further details) and a 1 for pages that only require read access or a 2 for pages which require read and write access. Generally, the action CGI scripts are assigned a 2 since they are the scripts that make actual changes, other CGI scripts are assigned a 1.

The four digit module codes are assigned by Guardian Digital. Please contact Guardian Digital via the EnGarde Users mailing list (see Appendix A) if you need to be assigned a code for your module.

# --- BEGIN ---
# 0020  0290    POP/IMAP Server Management
# --- END ---
index.cgi                       0020    0290    1
edit_cert.cgi                   0020    0290    1
do_edit_cert.cgi                0020    0290    2
do_edit_interface.cgi           0020    0290    2