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Community vs. Professional

Postby philip ching on Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:24 pm

Good morning every one:

1) I am doing experimental website using EnGarde Community. I would like to move to Professional because I don't want to use free stuff all the time and I want to pay the effort that EnGarde team has put into it. But one curious question in my mind is: What are the advantages of going from Community to Professional?

2) Using Community I can only have one registered server to use the GDSN update. Now if I use the Professional, can I install the software in several different servers and each can use the GDSN update?

3) If I upgrade to the Professional, then I may need a new system. Can some one recommend me a harder ware server (e.g., HP, Dell, etc.) so that I can be ready to host that Professional? This can save me some time.

Thank you, and I really appreciate your advice.

Philip Ching
philip ching
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Re: Community vs. Professional

Postby Dave on Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:46 am

Hi Philip,

The primary difference is in terms of support, product lifecycle and longevity, and ability to support other Guardian Digital enterprise applications. EnGarde Community is a great place to experiment with the latest features developed by Guardian Digital, but for time-tested stability and enterprise support, the enterprise options are the correct choice.

In terms of hardware choices, Guardian Digital primarily recommends their Guardian Digital 1-Source platform as the best choice, which is a preconfigured secure device. We support virtually all standard hardware these days, but contact Guardian Digital directly with further information and I'm sure they would be happy to make recommendations or help you to verify whether a particular component will work for you.

Best regards,
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