HP Server hardware

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HP Server hardware

Postby becker on Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:47 pm

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, but have been toying with Engarde for about a month now. I am quite impressed with the focus on security. While it does seem to turn every one step process into a 3 step process, I think the "secure by default" is an excellent way to begin any server that will be publicly accessible.

Anyway, my question is regarding the hardware monitors. Being fairly new to Linux, I am not sure about the necessity of hardware enabling "drivers" on this platform, but I seem to be missing some functionality. The Filesystems on the main page should list my partitions, but shows nothing. I have used it on an intel desktop with IDE drive, and this worked fine. I am currently trying to run Engarde 3.0.18 on an HP DL360 with RAID 1, - 2 36GB scsi drives, attached to the onboard HP smart array 5i controller.

I did a default fresh install to the HD, and used automatic partitioning. I have reinstalled 3 times now trying to get this to work, as this feature is rather important to the system.

In addition, I realize the health monitoring is fairly new (as of 3.0.18, i believe) but I have not seen this work on either the desktop, or server hardware that I've installed on. Are there any specific services I may need to enable, or is this still too early to support? I'm specifically referring to the fan, and temp monitors. The mem and cpu work ok, and the HD monitor doesn't work, but I believe that is related to my first question.

Thanks for any feedback.
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RE: HP Server hardware

Postby wkeys on Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:10 pm

Did you try doing a autoconfigure of the Health center in the WebTool.

System -> Health Center

then click

Module -> Autoconfiguration

This tries to load the correct sensors modules. To pull information from the hardware sensors the Health centers uses lm_sensors.

Also the Health Center tries to display information on the system's hard drives by reading the output from SMART. Make sure that SMART is enabled in you bios.

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