Help on installing scsi adapter

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Help on installing scsi adapter

Postby smply_ltn on Mon May 25, 2009 9:10 am

Hi all,

I just downloaded the iso, burned and installed EnGarde SELinux to replace windows server 2003 on my IBM xSeries 206m but got stuck on installing scsi driver. I believe it didn't detect my scsi adapter, so i tried to choose manually but seems none of the choice was the driver for my scsi adapter. So I googled arround and read this link ... n_Override
The thing is, i don't know what module I should use for my adapter. I tried to check the manual that came with the server on how to installed the driver for linux, but still not sure what to do. And its only for suse and red hat, plus I don't know much about linux.
Can somebody give me instruction (plain english please) on how I can get it installed on my system?
I did have experience with sme server & clarkconnect previously (those 2 distros are very straight forward, installed without a glitch), but from what I read, I should also give EnGarde a chance before I choose which distro to be installed to serve my small network (no windows definitely) without me having to type those linux command very often.

Thank you.
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