Technical Features
EnGarde Secure Linux provides a secure platform for all of your organization's Internet facing systems. Designed from the ground up with security in mind, building your business on an EnGarde platform allows you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected from an array of threats.

EnGarde Secure Linux technical features include:

  • Linux 2.6 kernel for the latest hardware compatibility
  • SELinux Mandatory Access Control provides high security by strictly enforcing service separation at the kernel level
  • Broad support for server hardware, including 64-bit AMD architecture and hardware RAID
  • Web-based management of all functions, including the ability to build a complete web presence with FTP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP and more
  • Secure up-to-date LAMP stack serves virtual websites with Apache v2.0, MySQL 5.0, and PHP 4.4 (PHP 5.0 available as an optional package)
  • Create true Multi-user, multi-threaded servers for high-end websites.
  • Latest BIND 9.3 provides secure DNS services
  • Efficient and secure mail servers with STMP and Postfix
  • Integrated firewall with ability to manage individual firewall rules, control port forwarding, and creation of IP blacklists
  • Commercial grade Network Intrusion Detection System displays and graphs incoming attacks in real time
  • Built-in Host IDS monitors system files for unauthorized changes to ensure system integrity
  • Built-in UPS configuration provides ability to manage an entire network of battery-backup devices
  • Completely new WebTool, featuring easier navigation and greater ability to manage the complete system via a secure web browser connection
  • Real-time access to system and service log information
  • Guardian Digital Secure Network features free access to all system and security updates and allows for
  • RSS feed provides ability to display current news and immediate access to system and security updates

EnGarde Secure Linux is undergoing rapid development with point releases scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month. Point releases offer new features and application packages, and upgrades are available via the GDSN. The Guardian Digital Support Network is easily obtained after installing EnGarde. Simply create a free account at initial configuration, and you will be signed up automatically.

EnGarde Secure Linux is easy to try, the downloadable LiveCD allows you to download the image, burn a CD, and test the platform on any compatible system without affecting the already installed operating system.