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amavis-user: Re: amavisd-snmp-subagent and Cacti

Re: amavisd-snmp-subagent and Cacti

From: Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+amavis_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Mar 05 2012 - 14:08:36 GMT

> > Is there a template or someone have some tips as a starting point to
> > create it?
> First you need to define what your are interested. Incoming mails? Outgoing
> mails? The kind of contents of mails and finally the fate of the mails.
> When your know some key figures that give you a nice overview over the
> working condition of your mail system then search these key figures in the
> AMAVIS-MIB and add this to your monitoring.

> I wrote to the list just to know if somebody has already some generic
> templates. Create Data Input Methods and graph templates with Cacti is a
> tedious task ;-)

If I remember right, it is mostly a GUI point and klick interface, so I agree,
it can be a tedious task for the initial setup.

Some ideas on what SNMP variables can be grouped together are in
the 2.6.4 release notes:

  Some suggested sets of OIDs making up interesting diagrams
  (e.g. for displaying by Cacti):

    * inMsgsStatusRelayed, inMsgsStatusDiscarded,
      inMsgsStatusNoBounce, inMsgsStatusBounced, inMsgsStatusRejected
    * inMsgs, inMsgsOriginating
    * inMsgsSize, inMsgsSizeOriginating
    * inMsgsSize, outMsgsSizeSubmitQuar, outMsgsSizeRelay
    * inMsgs, outMsgsRelay, outMsgsSubmitQuar,
      outMsgsSubmitDsn, outMsgsSubmitNotif
    * contentCleanMsgs, contentCleanMsgsOriginating
    * inMsgs, contentSpamMsgs, contentBannedMsgs, contentVirusMsgs
    * contentSpamMsgsOriginating, contentBannedMsgsOriginating,
    * timeElapsedTotal, timeElapsedDecoding,
      timeElapsedVirusCheck, timeElapsedSpamCheck
    * procGone

    * procBusy, procAll
    * procBusy, procBusyTransfer, procBusyDecode, procBusyVirus, procBusySpam
    * procBusy0, procBusy1s, procBusy2s, procBusy4s, procBusy8s
    * procBusy15s, procBusy30s, procBusy1m, procBusy2m, procBusy4m
    * mtaQueueEntriesIncoming, mtaQueueEntriesActive, mtaQueueEntriesDeferred