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amavis-user: Release banned emails from amavisd-new?

Release banned emails from amavisd-new?

From: Justin T. Stear <jtstear_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Mar 06 2012 - 21:34:03 GMT
To: <>


 I am using Postfix + amavisd-new + clamav + spamassasin and I am having
an issue with one external user outside of my company being able to send
meeting invitations to one of our presidents. It seems as it is being
blocked by amavisd-new. It reads

No viruses were found.

Banned name: .exe,.exe-ms,[trash]/0000.dat Content type: Banned Internal
reference code for the message is 15727-01/WgqssgY9ghce

I have whitelisted many people/domains but no matter what I try or where
I put this sender it still gets blocked. I have also tried whitelisting
by IP. His normal emails get through; only his outlook meeting
invitations are getting blocked.

When amavisd-new bans messages, are they just dropped or are they stored
somewhere where I can then forward the message?

Has anybody else had problems with just a single user/domain not getting
through even though they are on multiple whitelists?



Thank you,
Justin Stear


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