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amavis-user: Amavis::Custom with amavisd.conf own variables

Amavis::Custom with amavisd.conf own variables

From: Aleksandar Lazic <al-amavis_user_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Mar 07 2012 - 20:56:39 GMT
To: <>

Dear List members,

I'm still try to refuse mails with the same message ids ;-).

Due to the fact that I also wanted to use Kyoto Tycoon ( )
I have started with a small Amavis::Custom file.

To be able to use it you will need the follwoing steps.



ktserver -tout 10 -log /home/amavis/kyototycoon/Ktserver.log -li -dmn

as described in

Now amavisd + Amavis::Custom fills the casket.kch with msg-ids ;-)

Please can someone help me to solve the follwing issues.

1.) does I really need the

for my $r (@{$msginfo->per_recip_data}) {
   $r->recip_smtp_response('554 5.7.0 Dublicated Message-ID found! '.

   to DISCARD the mail? Is there a global discard possibility?

2.) is there a amavis possibility to set some variables with some
config values in
     the Amavis::Custom-file?
     ala: $custom_timeout, $custom_vars{'timeout'=>3600,...}, ...

3.) I connect in the new() to the Kyoto Tycoon Server which method can
I use to disconnect
     from the server?

Many thanks for your answer and help.

Best regards