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amavis-user: Re: Problem with @banned_files_lovers_maps.

Re: Problem with @banned_files_lovers_maps...

From: Klaus Tachtler <klaus_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Mar 20 2012 - 13:59:28 GMT

Hello Michael,
hello List,

so, we wonder a little bit, because when we set

       $bypass_decode_parts = 1;

the we can GET the e-mail WITH attachment. If we doesn't set
$bypass_decode_parts, the we GET the e-mail WITHOUT the attachment.

The $bypass_decode_parts = 1; in conjunction with set
       @banned_files_lovers_maps = (
             { 'specialuser@ourdomain.tld' => 1,
       } );

We tried this e few minutes ago, and we only have postfix in
conjunction with amavis (controlling spamassassin and clamav), and the
mp3 (for example) we send, had no virus inside...

Any ideas?

> On 3/20/12 3:10 AM, Klaus Tachtler wrote:
>> Hello List,
>> we dont want to have exe send via e-mail, but sometimes it is
>> necassary to get some on a special e-Mail address. BUT when
>> configured @banned-files_lovers_maps with this special address
>> (specialuser@ourdomain.tld), the e-Mail was deliverd, BUT the
>> attachment was NOT? But in this case, we need the attachment.
>> We have defined following in our /etc/amavisd.conf,
> look elsewhere.
> amavisd-new does not strip out attachments, google for this. some
> people have asked to be able to get amavisd-new to strip out the
> attachment and just deliver the email without the attachment.
> amavisd-new does not have any code that would enable it to do this.
> Since it can't strip out attachments, then it didn't strip out the
> attachment.
> These are not the droids you are looking for.
> --
> Michael Scheidell, CTO

Thank you

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