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bind-users: Re: Implementing the bogon list

Re: Implementing the bogon list

From: Doug Barton <dougb_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Apr 09 2010 - 21:37:36 GMT
To: Kevin Oberman <>

On 04/09/10 14:23, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> The FreeBSD default configuration does this,

Let's be clear on what "this" is please, since I don't think the OP's
post was clear about what he wanted to implement. :)

The default named.conf for FreeBSD implements local, empty zones for
various things that should not be "live" on the Internet. I started with and
expanded the list to include other things referenced in RFCs. The goal
is to provide fast local resolution for answers that should not be sent
out to the Internet anyway. A pleasant side effect is that it reduces
the amount of "garbage" queries received by the roots, etc.

> though it does not include unassigned space as it will get assigned soon.

That's a conscious choice, given the historical problems with admins not
keeping such lists up to date. OTOH I think that the included examples
give an interested admin more than enough information to do that on her
own, if desired.

In any case, I welcome comments and suggestions on improving this config.

> You can see the config at:
> You can add the unassigned space to those fairly easily, but make sure
> that you update it as space is assigned.

Yes, this is worth saying again, and I agree with it (again). :)


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