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bind-users: Re: Need help to write a specific bindzone

Re: Need help to write a specific bindzone

From: Doug Barton <dougb_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Apr 11 2010 - 00:33:02 GMT
To: Hedy Dargère <>

On 04/10/10 02:27, Hedy Dargère wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not an expert with Bind but I have to make a specific bindzone for a
> domain.
> And excuse me for my english :o/
> What is the situation ?
> ==============
> - the domain name is
> - for now, this domain has 2 DNS :
> - with my registrar (, I can change the DNS of this domain by
> / / to have the
> possibility to specifie a specific bind zone

I'm not sure that what you need is an actual zone file, but I've
attached one that should do what you're looking for. It's far more
likely however that gandi will allow you to enter records into an
interface. You should confirm with them how you should proceed.

Also, in order for the changes to be effective you will have to have the
domain redelegated to gandi's servers. Fortunately they can help you
with that as well.

> pop 28800 IN CNAME

This is the only bit I wasn't sure about. There is currently no record
for, however that IP address resolves to,
so what I think you're looking for is:


which I included in the attached zone file.



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