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bind-users: RE: Unexpected issues with "nslookup" comm

RE: Unexpected issues with "nslookup" command

From: James Roberts-Thomson <James.RobertsThomson036_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Apr 18 2010 - 20:50:26 GMT
To: "Lightner, Jeff" <>, "" <>

Hi Jeff,

>Did I misread your original problem? I thought you said it worked if
>you had only one of the nameservers in resolv.conf. You didn't state
>but I assume (that word again) that you meant if either of your
>nameservers was there by itself it worked?

No, you did not misread the problem; you have summarised exactly what happened.

>Why would a recursion issue not come into play when you only had one
>nameserver in resolv.conf?

I don't know; which is why I had "assumed" that my nameservers were working correctly as configured. Apparently this was only true for a certain definition of the word "correctly".

I have setup a test environment (with routing across subnets) and verified that if I explicitly enable recursion, then nameresolution works with two nameservers listed in the resolv.conf.

However, I'm not sure why it was working when only one nameserver was specified if the server wouldn't allow recursion in the first place. The nameservers are supposed to be authoritative for the domains in question in the first place, so I'm not sure why recursion was an issue anyway.

However, given I'm running a slightly older version of BIND named, and I've found a configuration that works, I have little interest in digging into this further.


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