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bind-users: Re: bind multi-threaded question

Re: bind multi-threaded question

From: Marco Davids (SIDN) <marco.davids_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Apr 28 2010 - 13:17:58 GMT

max power wrote:
> i am running bind on chroot jail, every thing is working fine
> i only got one bind process ?
> multi-threaded is enabled when compile , but should i find 8 processes
> how can i be sure that bind is using 8 threads

Running Linux?

You may want to try adding a 'proc'-directory in your chroot jail.

Something like:

mkdir /chroot/bind/proc
mount --bind /proc /chroot/bind/proc

and then in your /etc/fstab add something like this:

/proc /chroot/bind/proc none bind,ro 0 0


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