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bind-users: Re: Intermittent failures resolving .org domains in

Re: Intermittent failures resolving .org domains in BIND 9.7.0 with DLV enabled

From: Sam Wilson <Sam.Wilson_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Mar 30 2010 - 10:47:03 GMT

In article <>,
 Roy Badami <> wrote:

> > I have seen this happen when bind for some reason (eg mtu issues with
> > vpn) cannot query for the DLV key at I have not figured
> > out the exact failure mode there. Check the logs to see errors for DNSKEY
> > queries for to see if this is happening here too. However in
> > that case, no queries at all make it.
> Hmm, I wonder whether it could be related to my tunnelled IPv6
> connectivity. I still don't see why, though.
> Resolution definitely works sometimes. When it starts failing
> 'rndc flush' has fixed it for me.

... thus removing a cached and broken resolution chain and starting
again from fresh?

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