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bugtraq: rPSA-2008-0181-1 openssl openssl-scripts

rPSA-2008-0181-1 openssl openssl-scripts

From: rPath Update Announcements <announce-noreply_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jun 02 2008 - 17:09:55 GMT
To: security-announce@lists.rpath.com, update-announce@lists.rpath.com

rPath Security Advisory: 2008-0181-1
Published: 2008-06-02

    rPath Linux 2

Rating: Minor
Exposure Level Classification:

    Indirect User Deterministic Denial of Service Updated Versions:

    openssl=conary.rpath.com@rpl:2/0.9.8g-6-0.1     openssl-scripts=conary.rpath.com@rpl:2/0.9.8g-6-0.1

rPath Issue Tracking System:





    Previous versions of the openssl package are vulnerable to a Denial     of Service attack in which a malicious server may crash clients that     connect using particular cipher suites.


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