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clamav-users: Re: [Clamav-users] Serious freshclam bug?

Re: [Clamav-users] Serious freshclam bug?

From: David F. Skoll <dfs_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Aug 07 2007 - 17:40:35 GMT
To: ClamAV users ML <>

Richard Collyer wrote:

>> 2) Is this fixed in 0.91.1?
> Yes. I upgraded to 0.91.1 and this stopped happening.

OK. But is it *fixed*? Because I read the source code to 0.91.1 and it's not clear to me that the problem has actually been fixed. Could a Clam developer comment? (It seems to me from reading the source that 0.91.1 touches the .atime member of a mirror entry after each download, which will cause this behaviour, but maybe I'm not following the code correctly.)



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