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clamav-users: Re: [clamav-users] Warning: zlib version at runtim

Re: [clamav-users] Warning: zlib version at runtime is older

From: Török Edwin <edwintorok_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Dec 09 2010 - 15:10:20 GMT

On Thu, 9 Dec 2010 16:40:22 +0300
Sergey <> wrote:

> Hello.
> I see in log:
> LibClamAV Warning: zlib version at runtime is older than compile time:
> 1.2.3 < 1.2.5
> LibClamAV info: Make sure zlib is built as shared library, and that
> the new zlib library is installed in the proper place

This is usually a sign of misconfiguration (for example new zlib is on
compiler's search path, but not on runtime linker's).

> Are you sure what it is needed ? zlib have "symbol versioning" and
> this should be sufficient.

Sure, 1.2.3 and 1.2.5 are compatible at API level.

But you probably had a reason for installing 1.2.5, and want it to be
used. If ClamAV had not warned you probably wouldn't know you're still
using the old version.

For example you may have installed 1.2.5 because your distro
provides a 1.2.3 with custom patches that completely break it (see bb
#1950, upstream zlib 1.2.3 works, Trustix zlib 1.2.3 doesn't).

Best regards,
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