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clamav-users: Re: [Clamav-users] Sourcefire acquires ClamAV

Re: [Clamav-users] Sourcefire acquires ClamAV

From: aCaB <acabng_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Aug 17 2007 - 15:28:50 GMT
To: ClamAV users ML <>

James Kosin wrote:
> I'm complaining now... because the virus database is not the source
> to build the binaries. If hey are only saying the virus database is
> the ONLY part to stay GPL we may have to pay through the nose for the
> source to build the compiled binaries!
> I'm HOPING this hasn't happened and you mis-typed your reply.

Hi James,
please reread Tomasz's first post again, expecially where he says: "Both the ClamAV engine and the signature database will remain under GPL."


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