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engarde-users: [EnGarde] Re: MRTG error

[EnGarde] Re: MRTG error

From: Chris James <chris.james_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 00:48:52 GMT
To: <engarde-users@engardelinux.org>

Hi Dave,

> > I've installed MRTG from Jeff's stash
> >
> (http://ftp.engardelinux.org/pub/engarde/people/eric/finestra/RPMS.i386/)
> >
> > But when I run it it gives me the following output
> >
> > [root@venus etc]# /usr/bin/mrtg /usr/etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg
> > WARNING: rateup died from Signal 11
> > with Exit Value 0 when doing router 'ram'
> > Signal was 11, Returncode was 0
> How have you configured /usr/etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg? Did you use cfgmaker?

I used Ryan's config scripts and just altered the paths, commented out eth1 etc.

If I run the scripts...

[root@venus mrtg]# /usr/etc/mrtg/scripts/memory.pl 0
> Paste a section from /usr/etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg in an email so we can take a
> look.

# ram Target[ram]: `/usr/etc/mrtg/scripts/memory.pl` MaxBytes[ram]: 528986112 PageTop[ram]: <H1> RAM Used vs Free Swap </H1> Title[ram]: Memory Usage Options[ram]: gauge, growright, noinfo, nopercent, nobanner, nolegend Kilo[ram]: 1024 Unscaled[ram]: ymwd ShortLegend[ram]: mB YLegend[ram]: RAM vs Swap LegendI[ram]: &nbsp;RAM:&nbsp; LegendO[ram]: &nbsp;Swap:&nbsp;

> Have you had any other problems with this box? This is a strange error.

No, non at all, no unplanned downtime in over 12 months.



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