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fedora-selinux: CVS Servers

CVS Servers

From: Daniel B. Thurman <dant_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Feb 14 2008 - 02:23:47 GMT
To: Fedora-Selinux-List <fedora-selinux-list@redhat.com>

In one of the Fedora CVS server setup, it says that if the administrator wants to use a simple pserver remote string such as:

export CVSROOT=':pserver:<username>@<systemname>:/cvs'

Then one has to:

  1. /etc/xinetd.d/cvs: server_args = -f --allow-root=/cvs pserver
  2. ln -s /var/cvs /cvs

But the problem here is that SELinux has no context for the symbolic link /cvs, therefore deny's access.

I tried setting context for /cvs by:
1) chcon -t cvs_data_t

No dice. Does not work.

To see if I can cvs login bypassing Selinux, I tried: 1) setenforce 0 2) cvs login (successfully) 3) setenforce 1

So, what can I do to get SElinux to authorize the /cvs symbolic link access to /var/cvs?


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