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fedora-selinux: Re: CVS Servers [SOLVED]

Re: CVS Servers [SOLVED]

From: Paul Howarth <paul_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Feb 15 2008 - 16:56:20 GMT
To: "Daniel B. Thurman" <dant@cdkkt.com>

Daniel B. Thurman wrote: > Daniel J Walsh wrote: >> Paul Howarth wrote: >>> Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>>>>>>> Bind mount:
>>>>>>> ======
>>>> Ok, the issue is solved. What I did not know is, you
>>>> need to make sure that when you create an empty directory,
>>>> you also need to make sure that the ownership of that
>>>> directory is: cvs:cvs before bind mounting. So:
>>>> 1) mkdir /cvs
>>>> 2) chown cvs:cvs /cvs
>>>> then
>>>> 3) mount --bind /var/cvs /cvs
>>>> it all works now!
>>>>>>> mount --bind /var/cvs /cvs
> [snip!] > > One more issue: How to I make the bind-mount permenant, > i.e. do I need to add this to fstab and if so, how?

Here's an example from one of my boxes:

/home/local /usr/local auto bind 0 0 > Dan: As far a LVM, I do not use it. I haven't yet learned of > it's benefits so I have not applied it to my current filesystems > for fear of blowing up my current installation.

I use LVM over RADI1 on most of my machines these days. I use separate filesystems for /, /usr, /tmp, /home, /var, swap, and /srv, only make them as big as I expect them to be in the medium term (i.e. leaving unallocated space in the volume group) and then extend their sizes as and when it's necessary.

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