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fedora-users: TFTP stopped working on F14

TFTP stopped working on F14

From: Aaron Gray <aaronngray.lists_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 07 2011 - 14:07:44 GMT
To: Community support for Fedora users <users@lists.fedoraproject.org>

TFTP seems to have stopped working on my F14 machine.

It appears both server and client are not working.

I have it working on my F15 machine and have tried between the two (with
iptables rule) and F14 server and client do not work.

tftp appears to log in but, on transferring a file it just says "Transfer
timed out." after a while.

I have reinstalled both client and server. And I am using the same
'/etc/xinetd.d/tftp' file on F15 as on F14.

There do not appear to be any logs for TFTP.

AFAICS I am not doing anything wrong or differently.

Help !

Many thanks in advance,


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