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fedora-users: No, I don't want to maximize my window

No, I don't want to maximize my window

From: Sam Varshavchik <mrsam_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Oct 10 2011 - 23:31:55 GMT
To: For users of Fedora Core releases <users@lists.fedoraproject.org>

In my opinion, one of the most annoying, obnoxious, and irritating behaviors
in Gnome 3 is its in-your-face maximization of the window I'm dragging, when
I move it partly off to the side of the screen. When I'm dragging the
window, and the pointer reaches the edge of the screen, Gnome decides to
maximize the whole thing. It appears to think that I'm trying to tile the
window against one of the screen's edges, so why not maximize it?

That never made any sense to me, and I always thought that this was a stupid
thing to do. But one thing that always puzzled me, and I couldn't figure it
out, is how someone could've even gotten this kind of an idea in the first
place. To me, it just came completely out of the left field. Yes, when I'm
dragging a window partially off screen, that's really exactly what I'm
trying to accomplish: I want to maximize it. Huh?

I often move windows partially off the screen when I want to recover some
real estate for something else. So now, instead of staying, inobtrusively,
off to the side, the damn thing takes over the entire display. It's exactly
the opposite of what I wanted to accomplish. Instead of gaining empty screen
space, the window I just dragged just takes it over.

I now have to retrain myself to drop the window before my mouse pointer goes
all the way to the edge. It's annoying. It's irritating. And it bugs the
hell out of me.

But I was always curious about the thought process that went into this.
Where? Why? How? It just seems so naturally wrong, but someone must've
thought that this is what the user really wanted to do, and I was always
curious to figure out how that thought process developed. And I'm wondering
whether anyone else was wondering the same thing.

Because I just figured out exactly what happened here. Which left field this
bizarre behaviour came from.

My new employer gave me a work laptop, loaded with Windows 7.

This is what Windows 7 does. This user behavior is new in Windows 7.

So, naturally, Gnome must ape Windows, and imitate every stupid thing that
Windows does.


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