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fedora-users: Re: doc question on private network IP allocation

Re: doc question on private network IP allocation

From: Paul Allen Newell <pnewell_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Oct 15 2011 - 06:29:49 GMT
To: Community support for Fedora users <users@lists.fedoraproject.org>


inline comments ....

On 10/14/2011 06:29 PM, Dave Ihnat wrote:
>> The important thing to me is that they are on WPA2 and have both a rich
>> key and admin password.
> Now that's a totally different can'o'worms--you're talking wireless
> requirements, which is layered on top of the network conventions.

Yes, totally different can ... but in the case of these 20 year olds,
the fact that they are aware of such without my having to say anything
is far more important than how they dice up their network's ips.
>> All I have to do is convince them to do MAC access filter list and
>> I'll be happy.
> There's some disagreement on this issue--essentially, just how useful are
> MAC access filters?
Yeah, I already have read enough to understand this. My take for them is
its the principle of the matter in which any place they can "do
something" is good until they are educated enough to decide what is big
gain versus small gain.

I use it on my network on the grounds that I have yet to read that using
it will make it easier for hackers, even if it is only two cents of YMMV.

I'm looking forward to going back home to deal with my issues from prior
posts (smile)

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