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fedora-users: Re: Alternative to Apple's TimeCapsule for Linux?

Re: Alternative to Apple's TimeCapsule for Linux?

From: n2xssvv.g02gfr12930 <n2xssvv.g02gfr12930_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2011 - 09:44:38 GMT
To: users@lists.fedoraproject.org

On 19/10/11 10:04, Manuel Escudero wrote:
> Hi There, today I was watching some videos and reading some information
> about the Apple's Time Capsule, wich simply is an external HDD with some
> ethernet and USB ports behind but the most important WiFi support....
> In a few words it's a router with a 2TB HDD inside XD...
> The prupouse of this thing is function as a mini-server
> to backup you macs with a software called time machine,
> share printers within the net and all that fun stuff...
> Deja-Dup does what Time Machine Does, but I was wondering
> what kind of device can replace the Apple's Time Capsule and
> be fully compatible with Linux?
> As far as I investigated, there are only 3 devices of this type:
> - Apple Time Capsule - http://www.apple.com/timecapsule/
> - ClickFree Wireless - http://www.clickfree.com/products_c3.php
> - LaCie Wireless Space - http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?id=10520
> Does anyone of you have experience using one of these devices on Linux?
> or if not,
> Wich device is a good alternative if I want functionallity like this?
> Thanks!
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I have achieved much, if not all that functionality with a wireless
router and a ReadyNAS Duo. The best part is the 2 HDDs in the ReadyNAS
are in a Raid configuration providing even better backup security. OK,
it's not as simple as a MAC, but that's part of the joy of using Linux,
learning how to configure things yourself. So I know that my wireless
LAN is secured with AES encryption and access restrictions using secure
passwords, (I don't even remember them), which are held in a local kwallet.
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