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fedora-users: Re: how to bind single interface with more than on

Re: how to bind single interface with more than one cpu

From: Benjamin <benjo11111_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2011 - 15:15:04 GMT
To: Community support for Fedora users <users@lists.fedoraproject.org>


I am using fedora 15 for application server.That applicaton is very
loaded in network and we have good h/w which having 4 core cpu and
currently 1 lan interface are using.So now i want to bind that interface
with more than one cpu to gain more performance and more throughput.

I tried to do it by smp_afinity, but i can't. so i need advice and help.
Is there anything required from kernel side.? any parameter or any thing
which need to enable in kernel.?

> Hash: SHA512
> On 10/18/2011 02:42 PM, Benjamin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Any guidence on this requirement.
> I don't think your question makes any sense. Perhaps ask a question that
> does?
> iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJOnddgAAoJEF1Xw4ZWTEoJm4IP/ju62Gddy7LgIbo1/AArbu1w
> sScJgikaOOOnlow4GoN/aATYHg5bdjBGNDZRUqufk+0wa88/pCzITI8O9syjgBy4
> Jj1VtEysD+QbexwnvNHREE72Aqy/3nrHF7R/9kwQtssMwbeRnwj2T37/Y5rQaJMB
> j8ugFXleVUdi6P/MB0QLL+V8O+2Uxk3Tlro0p0Bu6Iqudjm0v3BMR+CUlEVhXs8Z
> ABD0EYYnQ9alItxpg9iihs3uMpma+7Yv//XcJxelqvG1+q0A6TR2Ogm4CfCxMD1L
> u9q5tlLYEUY+7fACuHv5s9NjbXbpQ0C6UIYiUQfufcj4x5uS1kyNly95Gt/0Km79
> IcLUCEsByFWdjGQfLtyC9EmSBuOTVwyfCeLOVKOXfakSYyYAnqrxf8hSnuzCJ6Iz
> K69Qlo5a/08oUJkoiThipLaDAfMnnfr5+3wAoQJhyLKsNkln8g0Sx91XXQaUOKCp
> 0m6jprAa/nb9aMrj/0R3yIP7O0RCbE+yvA+WJ5prG6GEzJVOlkaWD+lz2wYnY2Y9
> S9XJPlEL89KmjuAx7a2mCwCoVcR5yrhNemHddf9zS1PG/+Pxgz3yPcQSsbKN+tLP
> /PwDgFbPbkWvZ8i58BLiML7g+um4x76A4gU4c2/u4AlpD4Hm5wipqup6HsYJtSCJ
> u/pA2ykzWicr8PEw1aQb
> =uDO0

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