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fedora-users: Re: Apache2 problem - Ubuntu 11.10 [Fixed]

Re: Apache2 problem - Ubuntu 11.10 [Fixed]

From: Roger <arelem_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Oct 23 2011 - 23:43:52 GMT
To: users@lists.fedoraproject.org

>> I had noticed over past days that calling web pages from localhost seems
>> to take longer, sometimes around 10-15 seconds or more.
>> I installed django on Friday but it did not work so uninstalled and
>> removed residual files.
>> Now calling localhost or gives blank browser.
>> </snip>
> ----
> considering that this is Fedora Users List, your question seems quite
> out of place.
> You might actually want to attach an strace to the PID of your running
> apache to see what is happening (ie, the error) but I would guess that
> you should probably remove/re-install apache2 on your Ubuntu server.
> Craig
> Thanks Craig and Richard
I think I may have found the answer.
Django put changes in www-data, links and files were created to files in
/usr/share, /usr/bin and /var.
I deleted the links then deleted the extra www-data files and wsgi and
found all hidden references to django and methodically removed every one.
Then ran apt-get autoremove and apt-ge autoclean and apt-get update to
rebuild the sources.list.
localhost now calls the drupal files and my test index.html in /var/www
so all is well - almost.

I need to work out the difference between calling giving
instant display yet calling a drupal page suffers a delayed response.
It seems to be a ubuntu/apache2 thing because fedora 14/httpd is much
Thank you for your replies

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