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fedora-users: Who to ask about old Red Hat Linux ISOs I've uncov

Who to ask about old Red Hat Linux ISOs I've uncovered

From: Andre Robatino <robatino_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 28 2011 - 08:25:10 GMT
To: users@lists.fedoraproject.org

The site http://legacy.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/ has some old Red Hat Linux
content. Unfortunately, it's very incomplete. I have archives of the install
discs going back at least to RH 7.0. (I started on RH 6.0 so might have
something older around.) I was able to read off all of these, which have the
following md5sums. There are discrepancies between them and the ones listed on
the archive site. For example, for RH 9, the archive site has a signed checksum
file which shows

34048ce4cd069b624f6e021ba63ecde5 shrike-i386-disc1.iso

while my md5sum for RH9_1of3.iso is 400c7fb292c73b793fb722532abd09ad. Googling
for my md5sum indicates that it is correct. So why does the RH9 signed checksum
file (which, although the signature is good, was signed on 2003/09/11, months
after RH9's release) have a different checksum? There are similar discrepancies
for other ISOs.

626b7d18033e320c27c8cd58cc37a288 RH7.0_1of2.iso
c9899d398ca675c1e80a7bdb68d701bf RH7.0_2of2.iso
596b1575773e88e066326f6741312a6f RH7.1_1of2.iso
f27b912299572a542cd663b712444445 RH7.1_2of2.iso
cf7bce0c1cdbfedfae29e60aef202f6f RH7.2_1of2.iso
fd705b3e5d0e37a828db35d21195a9f6 RH7.2_2of2.iso
cb91810ce8173039fed24420407e4c59 RH7.3_1of3.iso
ec1b813d32ffdc8edc2be261735d17de RH7.3_2of3.iso
5dc81ce523cfddf99b4d4d63e91bcaa7 RH7.3_3of3.iso
d7b16b081c20708dc0dd7d41793a4177 RH8.0_1of5.iso
2df17bc02cb1b3316930ed4f7601ad9e RH8.0_2of5.iso
305d6ff5b5850fa316276710a148b0a3 RH8.0_3of5.iso
0a77d7a3bc8c4e87508c46a2670242eb RH8.0_4of5.iso
8dbcf16f0072ee47db49b08921a41ba5 RH8.0_5of5.iso
88b9baba392b02b534a6fa546bcae3de RH8.0_docs.iso
400c7fb292c73b793fb722532abd09ad RH9_1of3.iso
6b8ba42f56b397d536826c78c9679c0a RH9_2of3.iso
af38ac4316ba20df2dec5f990913396d RH9_3of3.iso

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