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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] Month of ActiveX Bug

Re: [Full-disclosure] Month of ActiveX Bug

From: Dude VanWinkle <dudevanwinkle_at_nospam>
Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 19:39:11 GMT
To: "Larry Seltzer" <Larry@larryseltzer.com>

On 5/3/07, Larry Seltzer <Larry@larryseltzer.com> wrote:
> >>I know Larry, wtf is an office exploit good for? nothing thats what..
> It's not an Office exploit, it's an exploit in a 3rd-party add-on
> package. And not an especially popular one.
> You do understand the difference, don't you?

whoops! I do now,

I think I missed the OCX part at the end of your earlier email (and visiting the site woulda helped too :-(


Looks like this guy is reporting the month of OCX bugs that crash Office applications, but I guess MOO-COA doesnt sound as cool,

sorry for doubting you Lar,

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