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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] Vulnerabilities Hashes

Re: [Full-disclosure] Vulnerabilities Hashes DB needed

From: Alexander Klink <a.klink_at_nospam>
Date: Sun May 06 2007 - 20:18:08 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk


On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 05:45:45PM +0200, shadown wrote:
> 2- There are some vendors that are really dificult to deal with. It took me
> about 4 months to get the right contact to report the bugs, and this would
> be another think to think about, A public 'Vendor's Vulnerability Reporting
> Contact DB/List'.

That would definitely be helpful, the situation sounds familiar ...

> The main mailling list should create a 'Vulnerabilities Hashes mailing list'
> where the researches comunity can send the hashes of the PoC files just
> before they conctact the vendors. That way if the vendors do not give the
> proper credits to the researchers, at least the researches will have another
> proof to show that they were the ones that reported the vulnerabilities, and
> not just the mails they've crossed with the vendors.
You should have a look at the (free) PGP Digital Timestamping Service at http://www.itconsult.co.uk/stamper/stampinf.htm. No need to reinvent the wheel there, it's been alive for about 12 years now and will timestamp and PGP sign anything you send it, including hashes.


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