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From: winsoc winsoc <wins0c_at_nospam>
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 09:01:14 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk, bugtraq@securityfocus.com, news@securiteam.com, ju@ct.heise.de

Your Bluetooth nonsense is getting kind of boring.   By the way, you should check out security more close to home:   hxxP://secdev.zoller.lu/
  website Vulnerable to:
  1 PHP Tend_Hash_Del_Key_Or_Index vulnerability   2 PHP HTML Entity Encoder Heaper Overflow Vulnerability   3 Unfiltered Header Injection in Apache 1.3.34/2.0.57/2.2.1   4 Apache Mode_Rewrite Off-By-One Buffer Overflow Vulnerability        

  dude, you should go back to reading comics and stop wasting our time    


  Dear List,
  I'd like to announce the immediate availability of BTcrack Heisec Release. During the Heise Security Conference I released and demoed this version of BTcrack, the Heisec Conference is held in Munich THIS Tuesday 15th. http://www.heise.de/veranstaltungen/2007/heisec_konferenz/    

  BTcrack is a pairing handshake cracker against Bluetooth 1.0 - 2.0 for more information please resort to the Paper by Shaked and Wool and the website listed at the end of this E-mail.    

  In cooperation with PicoComputing (http://www.picocomputing.com/) we added FPGA support to BTCrack 1.1 and increased the Software speed by 15% reaching 200.00 keys per second on a stock P4-Dual Core 2.0ghz    

  Version 1.1 :
[+] Added Priority Control
[*] Fixed splash bug
[+] Added FPGA Support
[+] Speed increase (15%)
    P4 2Ghz - Dual Core 200.000 keys/sec E12 @ 50Mhz 7.600.000 keys/sec E12 @ 75Mhz 10.000.000 keys/sec E14 30.000.000 keys/sec

  Thanks and Credits :
  David Hulton
  Eric Sesterhen
  Myself (Thierry Zoller)    

  Download is available here :

  Thierry Zoller

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