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full-disclosure-uk: [Full-disclosure] A Story about my Childhood

[Full-disclosure] A Story about my Childhood: Destionation Whitehat

From: Ross Brown <rossbrown42_at_nospam>
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 20:48:49 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

Aliso Viejo, CA - This is a story about my childhood, my sister and how I had to grow up alone and take care of a family, which made me capable of dealing with disgusting situations at work (normally caused by the inability of Marc Maiffret to code and do something useful apart of buying McNuggets to his batshit insane girlfriend). Through my whole life, I found relief nowhere except.... home. This story is about my sister, the whitehat holocaust in which my grandfather got killed inside a McDonalds grill oven.

I don't work anymore at eEye and that's disgusting. I'm depressed and feeling like killing myself (suicide). The only one thing that keeps me alive: my lovely secret sister.


 I was raised in a typical American, modern-yet-a-bit-conservative household along with my sister, who's 10 years younger than me. We both were raised by our grandmother because our father had passed away during the Whitehat Holocaust, and mother died of cocaine overdose when I was 12 and my sister 4. It was a hard hit on two kids but we endured because of each other. For quite a few years, we were raised strictly but kindly by our grandma. We went through school just like any normal boy and girl would have and at home we played and fought just like any normal brother and sister would have. Happy times.

That all changed though when I was over at Marc Maiffret's house. He had decided to show me his secretly smashed stack of gay porn on his hacker computer that he copied and pasted from his girlfriend. I was 16 at the time and of course, such a thing greatly aroused my hormones and hardon. What caught my interest the most was that he also had a bunch of hentai pics of lolipops (pedoporno: the pedobear and the mighty school bus). Now this was something I definitely hadn't seen prior nor would've imagined about it but the pics greatly aroused me further than any of the other anime hentai or normal gay porn (even double penetration, but I never figured out how a guy can get double penetrated. maybe whitehats have a secondary backup hole, in case the other one gets a cock stuck inside). When I came home, the pictures were a constant image in my head. I couldn't get them out. What's worse is that my little sister, Window, whom I've had a hand in raising, started to become a source of my sexual interest. I would find myself everyday masturbating to thoughts of not only lolipop hentai but mostly of my sister. One night, I even came into her room and jacked myself off right next to her bed and came in her hair (it didn't rot, though). I didn't bother cleaning it off either, it looked scary as Thorsten Holz. The thought gave me a great rush as I went back to my room.

Bad thoughts of my little sister for a full year.... Everyday, I would take every advantage of being an innocent older brother and when I'm with her, I'd sneak in feels. Everytime I gave her a hug, I'd purposely grab a hand full of her soft little butt. We were taught that bathing was an important part of everyday life (because bad smell is not appreciated by nowadays society) by our grandmother so we would always help each other scrub our backs and parts during bath time. During her bath times, I'd wash in between her legs and scrub her little pussy for a longer period of time and in lighter strokes. I didn't really know if she noticed this but she didn't pull away at any time. During my turn, while she washed my back, I'd stand up abruptly and go to the tub while "accidentally" brushing my hardon against her chest, arms, and back. That was definitely a thrill. Happy times.

It got to be not enough one day though. I don't know what it was that day, but I had to have her skin pressed on my cock and make me cum and explosion over her stomach. One mid-spring day, I decided to make a choice that'd wind up effecting us for quite a few years to come. I made sure that grandma was asleep for her afternoon nap and went into the living room where my little sis was busy with her homework. I sat down on our two-seater couch and for the very last time, rethought about what I was about to do. After a good moment, I reached into my boxers and pulled out my dick which had already Blink-hardened fully from my contemplation. Without any delay, I started to audibly masturbate just feet away from my little sister, sprawled with her stomach on the ground facing away from me. I deliberately made my fist pounding loud and after a good minute, she noticed the train-like noise behind her.

After turning around to see the source, she grew slightly wide-eyed and stared. She simply just stared at her big brother pumping his hand up and down his big hard cock. After a brief moment which to me seemed like hours, she spoke up and in the little cute voice that I've grown to love said, "Rooooss... isn't it bad to do that?". To this, I tried my best to smile and maintain composure. Hearing her voice nearly made me lose my load. "N-no! No way, Window... It's not bad... you used to do this to me when we were little." She looked at me with a tilted head but her eyes never left my hand on my cock. "Yeah," I continued,
"we'd take baths together and you'd pull on it wondering what it
was... and why you don't have one as big as mine..." This greatly interested her, what I told her just then wasn't true of course, hehe. She sat up and turned herself to face me cross legged. Her tight little shorts were short enough that when she settled back down, some of her shorts' crotch was open enough for me to see. This got me to go a little faster. With a rough breath, I asked her "Hey... wanna do this for me?" No turning back now. I thanked all that is true with the world when she got up to her knees and made her way to the couch. Right in front of me, and inches away from my pulsing dick. She didn't say a thing but I had to keep going. "Put your hand here ok?" I told her as I removed my hand from my cock and pointed. And to this day, I still remember the next moment. She did as I asked her. My little sister reached over with one hand and grabbed hold of my hard, throbbing cock. I was but one throb from shooting but I held on like Theo and the SSH remote.

Still not saying a thing and remaining fixed on my meat, she held onto it with a nice grip. "Move your hand up and down like I was doing..." I edged her on. She visibly swallowed in nervousness as her little hands began moving up and down. It didn't have the feel of an experienced woman nor did it have the speed of a young girl but the feel of a grade schooler's soft and tiny hands was exquisite. I don't know how long I lasted. It might've been minutes, it probably was seconds, but not soon after she started moving her hands up and down and stroking my cock, I lost it. I blew my load with my sister jacking me off. It was a rather large one too. I remember the first big glob shooting up, arching, and landing right above her right eye like CodeRed. The second, just as big, landed to the right of her nose. The third, getting a little smaller in glob size, landed on the left side of her chin. The rest from what I remember just shot up and landed on her hand and around my crotch. What got me the most though, and what I didn't notice until all my cum had been spent, was that she didn't once stop jacking me off and actually picked up speed. "That was nice. Ross.."

She looked at the semen that had covered her hands. "Wha... what IS this? Did you pee on me?" she asked with a small voice. "N-no!" I exclaimed, I had to make sure she didn't get the wrong idea.
"Whitehats shoot that stuff instead of pee when they feel really good
with their thingie." She didn't answer with a word but simply formed her mouth as if she said, "Oh!" I suddenly had an idea popped into my head. I've gone this far, might as well go for it. "Hey, Maiffret(my boyriend at the time) always licked it up and drank it. I think it's sweet, why don't you try it?" Yeah, there's no way she'd believe that, I thought. But then she lifted her hand to her face and proceeded to dip her tongue into the small pool of cum on the back of her hand. Pausing for a second, she then slurped up the rest of it. When she saw that there was nothing more, she felt her face and wiped the dripping cum into her hands and into her mouth. Oh god... my sister... my little sister liked the taste of my semen. Happy times.

So, at the age of 16, I got my very first sexual experience with a little girl and at age 8, my little sister found out what a cock felt like and what semen smelled and tasted like. But then there's the first time we had actual intercourse together... Maiffret was jealous.

Our little playtime continued for about a year. We'd both wait for our grandmother to go take her afternoon nap and then we'd both go into one of our rooms. Yes, both of us. She gradually became more and more excited at the fact that she's making her big brother feel so good and can compete with his girlfriend for his attention. By this time, I've been spending more and more time at home with my little sister because of all the sex-play we've been having. I decided to up it one step though. I'll admit, up to that time, I've never eated out a girl's pussy before (whitehats don't get laid). My boyfriends always thought it was gross and only preferred petting (Maiffret didn't like to be pushed either). But my sister... something told me that she won't be the same as them.

On a not-so-usual afternoon, she and I were busily fondeling each other as it had become normal. She had a hand wrapped around my dick and I had a hand cupped on her soft little pussy with a finger sliding up and down her slit. We were in my room at the time and she was on my lap. After a minute, I decided to make my move and gently pushed her off me and onto the bed. Letting go of my cock and looking at me with a greatly dissappointed face, considering I'd stopped petting her, she spoke up. "Hey...! What's the matter?", she asked. I moved off my bed and knelt on the floor, right in front of her and answered without looking at her eyes, "Just watch."

Remaining silent, I could feel her staring at what I was about to do. I slid myself forward and parted her legs. I was still amazed her pretty little cunt. Smooth and rounded, it was totally hairless at the time, but her slit was very much so slimey and sticky from her arousal. I didn't waste another moment. This is what I was aiming to for after all. Leaning my head forward, I pressed my lips onto her bald pussy. Her folds hadn't even developed yet, but damn... for being the first cunt I've ever tasted, it was amazing. It aroused me like nothing else. I opened my lips in seconds and began to lick up and down her slimey, wet slit, darting my tongue in and around. I then remembered the clit on girls and proceeded to use my tongue to part her soft flesh and rub onto her tiny clit with my slithering tongue. In that entire moment, from when I leaned my head in up to when I tickled her clit with my tongue, she gave one long squeal. I swore my grandma would've waken if she weren't such a heavy sleeper. The squeal was one I was familiar with. Coming from my little sister, I knew she was cumming like Ryan Russell with morning_wood's wife.

With her legs tightening and gripping my head, I kept on licking that soft and lovely little smooth cunt. The fact I was making her do this in such a way that I have never done to any woman before, let alone a little girl, let alone my little sister made me horny beyond almost all reason. I stood up and with my cock sticking straight forward, I raised my little sister from the bed. Even before she had the chance to recover from the high of her very first oral orgasm, I grabbed her by the shoulders and sat her up. Grabbing her by the side of her head and gripping her hair, I shoved my aching cock into her mouth as she gasped. I was so out of mind at the time that I didn't realize how far I shoved it in, nor did I realize that I began pumping myself in and out of her mouth. She gagged and choked heavily but her arms just raised up enough to support herself onto my legs. My little sister was choking on the full length of my cock and she wasn't resisting. When I couldn't hold back anymore, I thrust myself forward while gripping her hair in my hands, pushing her head onto my dick. I couldn't remember how many globs of semen I ejaculated into her soft, wet mouth, but I spent a good minute or two throbbing my semen into her. Because I had fully thrust my cock into her mouth, it had actually gotten into her throat. My cum was going directly into her stomach in her very first blowjob. When I withdrew, completely spent, all I could say was,
"Sorry..." The only thing from her?

"Mmm... owned"

My lust soon spread to other relatives: my cousins, aunts, and even more distant relations lit my fantasies and excited my libido. Eventually I found myself having feelings for my grandmother. I had watched her over a hot stove before, her wrinkled skin still abundant with life and color. I found myself longing to slide up against her as she bent over the stove to retrieve the moist cookies within. I watched her as she would dunk her cookies sensually into a tall glass of milk. Her mouth would caress the treat as a man might caress another man's PENIS. One day, while I was watching T.V., granny stood over and exposed herself to me. As it turned out, she was a tranny and I was LEIK ZOMG DIS IS TEH HAWT SO I GRABBED HER GIANT PENIS AND SLOBBERED ALL OVER IT LIKE A DOG, FORCING HER TO SPRAY HOT SEMEN ALL OVER MY FACE AND PENIS, WHICH WAS NOW SUDDENLY ERECT AND OUTSIDE OF MY PANTS LOL. I WAS LEIK ZOMG GRANDMA U R TEH HAWTS AND SHE JUST SHOVED HER DICK IN MAH MOUTH SO I WAS LIKE: LOL! AND THEN SHE TOUCHED MY PENIS WITH HER FINGERS AND I WAS LEIK ZOMG LOL! THIS WAS HOW IT HAPPENED THAT MY GRANDMA AND I WERE LEIK, TEH FUCKED. -- I hope you liked my story, to the end. I apologize for the typos and other traumatic experiences that this may cause to you. I'll be back blogging really soon. With love, Ross Brown, 42 year resident of Aliso Viejo, California, ex-eEye CEO. _______________________________________________ Full-Disclosure - We believe in it. Charter: http://lists.grok.org.uk/full-disclosure-charter.html Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - http://secunia.com/