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full-disclosure-uk: [Full-disclosure] XCon2007 Call For Paper

[Full-disclosure] XCon2007 Call For Paper

From: XFOCUS Security Team <security_at_nospam>
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 12:15:22 GMT
To: bugtraq@securityfocus.com, full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk, vulnwatch@vulnwatch.org

XCon2007 Call For Paper

28~29, August, 2007 BeiJing China (http://xcon.xfocus.org)

XCon2007 the Sixth Information Security Conference will be held in Beijing, China, during August 28-29, 2007. This two-days conference will be held in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, which will provide an international communion platform for the information security professionals,technicians,security supervisors,managers, and hacker technology fans. They say their says and show themselves as much as they like. It is not only abrilliant symposium, but more importantly, a "party", a "party"
to share the joy of success.

Location: BeiJing Friendship Hotel http://www.bjfriendshiphotel.com

  Target people to participate in the event: any person who is devoted to information security,including information security professional,Internet security hobbyist,administration engineer of networks ,security consultant of networks and CIO and so forth.

SPEAKERS PRIVILEGES   Speaker whose presentation has been accepted by XCon will participate in this event to make a speech by himself. They will enjoy the following privileges:

  • Return economy class air-ticket for one person (XCON will cover travel expenses up to USD 1,200.00.)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during conference
  • After-conference party
  • We will organize the speakers to visit some of the famous historical sites during the day after the meeting, and taste the flavors in Beijing.


  • Speakers must offer relevant bill voucher.
  • XCon will be the final arbitrator on this matter.

Please feel free to email XCon at xcon@xfocus.org for the further information,details and consultation or contact us via MSN: xfocusxcon@hotmail.com, TEL:086-010-62029792

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Submission must include the following information:

  1. Brief biography including list of publications and papers published previously.
  2. Abstract of speakers' educational or job experience.
  3. Contact Information: full name, alias,country of origin , net nickname, e-mail, phone, fax,photo, company address, any IM contact details (msn, ICQ, YM, AIM, or any other), and special dietary requirement.
  4. Speaking details How long the speech will last Whether to release new tools Whether to release new vulnerability Whether to release new Exploit code
  5. All submission must include PPT and WORD in English or Chinese in either MS Office or OpenOffice format.

  Please send submission to cfp@xfocus.org for selection. Submission must be done no later than July 21st 2007.The date of final notification of acceptance or rejection is July 31th 2007. Whether your Presentation Material is accepted or not, we will contact you by the information you offer.


  • Final Submission July 21st 2007
  • Notification of Acceptance or Rejection July 31th 2007.

TOPICS The scopes of topics are broad and include, but not restricted to the following areas:

  • --- New category
    • Vista Security
    • Web 2.0 Security
    • 3G/4G Cellular Networks
    • Mobile Handheld Devices Security
    • Bank financial security
    • SS7/Backbone telephony networks Security
    • GRPS and CDMA Security
  • --- Application Security
    • Web Application vulnerability research
    • Automatic Vulnerability Discovery
    • Database Security and hacking
    • Protocol exploits
    • Trojans, Worms , Malware Technology
    • Encrypt,Decrypt,Crack Technology
  • --- Intrusion Detection/Forensics Analysis
    • File systems analysis and recovery,
    • Runtime Structures (stack/swap/..) Data recovery,
    • Reverse Engineering (malware analysis, vulnerability research),
    • Intrusion Detection and Evasions technologies
    • Honeypot / HoneyNet related technologies
  • --- Wireless and VoIP security
    • 802.11x, CDPD, Bluetooth, WAP/TDMA, GSM, SMS, 3G Technology
    • PDA and Mobile phone protocol analysis
    • Palm, Pocket Pc security
    • Wireless gateway
    • VoIP security and vulnerability analysis
    • Secure WLANs, vulnerabilities and analysis
  • --- P2P Technology
    • Instant message tools (MSN, Skype, ICQ, etc)
    • P2P download (BT, Emule, etc)

How to Participant:

  You can visit XCon website for more information. The earlier you apply for the more discount we will offer you. The attendees shall bear all the expenses on food and accommodations. XCon will endeavor to assist you to reserve the hotel.

OTHER INFORMATION   Please feel free to visit http://xcon.xfocus.org/ for the speaker information, conference arrangement and previous conferences archives. Updated announcements will be posted to XCon and XFocus website.

  Thank you for your support to XCon & XFocus !

           XCon2007 organizing committee& XFocus Team

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Kind Regards,

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