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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] iDEFENSE VCP Challenge

Re: [Full-disclosure] iDEFENSE VCP Challenge and botnet technologies

From: <johnny.mcdanger_at_nospam>
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 04:07:44 GMT
To: <full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk>

can any of you wankers tell if this is the same moron with no life that keeps posting on FD or if it is a bunch of copy-catters now? unfortunately it appears the ever increasing noise on this list is coming from dumb-shits that havent an idea that theyre failing to embarass anyone and theyre just continuing to prove what a sad pathetic waste of life they are. while equally as lame and useless, this last post wasnt anything like the other spoofs. i might assume this larry seltzer post is just a copy-cat of a new loser making a try to be the centre of attention. in either case you have miserably failed at getting any sort of message across other than youre a bumbling fucktard with no life.

mentioning n3td3v and gobbles-they might be one and the same. it wouldnt surprise me if these past posts were the work of the same group of morons. its quite obvious that there is some form of mental deficiency with the lot of you. im not sure why anyone even mentions gobbles these days. you just give the shit-head some happiness. remember youre dealing with a person that down syndrome or something similar. its amazing he could ever function. ive seen the specials on the television about this. those with down syndrome have some function they can latch on to and work well with,,like playing piano or math. it appears in the case of you all,,especially gobbles that using a computer seems to be your area of focus. have you seen this bloody guy? its a surprise to me his tongue doesnt just hang from his mouth. i believe this is a picture of him now,, http://static.flickr.com/75/195983063_e380efd610.jpg  please just be advised you are a useless piece of shit along with those you are copy-catting. i know you will read this and most likely not reply. but i do hope you know you are very much so useless in life and most of us might delete your mail or laugh it off,,but we all mostly feel bad for you and how pathetic you are.


> Good evening list members,
> Here is Larry Seltzer, your beloved on-field journalist reporting
> about the latest iDEFENSE challenge. An internal source who
wishes to
> remain anonymous, provided information about possible bankruptcy
> the VA-based "cyberintelligence" company, which offers monetary
> rewards for exploits, vulnerability information (Cross Site
> Scripting, LD_PRELOAD mis-use and VCP member list leakage
> The confidential information shows certain inconsistencies in the
> financial department, possibly caused by the increasing money
> laundering crime from eGold and the other payment methods they
> accept. Anonymous sources comment that the company could be
> in "pleasing slave Russian wifes" since December of past year,
> the departure of Richard Johnson and Pedram Amini (working at
> Microsoft and 3Com's ZDI, respectively). The remaining employees
> known to have leaked CANVAS exploits as their own, causing major
> struggle in the Miami-based basement of the ImmunitySec team
(which I
> hate so much, due to my affiliations with Matasano and some old
> @Stake people).
> This all might be the cause for the low prices offered by the
> continuous VCP challenges that the company launches on quarterly
> basis. The current one, offering as much as 16K USD dollars for
> in OpenSSH, Apache, etc.
> Security experts from all over the world, consider the price
> fair after rumors of potential pre-authentication flaws in the
> applications. Possible reasons include the retirement of GOBBLES
> Security, the groundbreaking revelations of the well known Dr.
> Krawetz, the relaunch of SNOSOFT or even the raising of a new
> neo-luddite terrorist organization known as The Rogue Parrot
> Squadron, which could be linked to the tsunami disasters and 11th
> September.
> The FBI is reportedly investigating a security compromise of the
> systems used by the Gibson Research Corporation to host and
> the OpenBSD project, after DARPA stopped their funding (due to
> De Raadt's comments to a Calgary based publication, regarding the
> on Terror and gay marriages involving parrot sex and plastic
> surgery). This could be connected to the aforementioned
> neo-luddite organizations as well as the mysterious Internet
> known as n3td3v or it's counterpart, v3dt3n.
> In a conference call with Gandhi Evron, details about unsuspected
> botnets taking over control of Israeli nuclear facilities have
> made available. A crack commando lead by Gandhi (who showed up in
> boxing gloves and elastic pants) managed to destroy an Iranian
> building complex used to conduct Denial of Service attacks
> str0ke's private IRC intelligence service. Other sources confirm
> compromise of individuals connected to the kidnapping of the
> most well known whitehat expert, Andre Protas, who still works at
> eEye and obtains IDA Pro bulk licenses (albeit Ilfak Guilfanov
> publicly refuses to support him) for the now infamous CRACKlab.ru
> Similar conditions seem to surround GOBBLES Security operatives,
> after they were forced out of retirement by the Krawetz
> gang (in retardement since circa 100 years ago). Anonymous
> agree that this message will be flagged as 'Made in GOBBLES, 100%
> Mighty Turkey meat' by the well known Doctor.
> Rumors say he will soon move to a remote, lone Island in the
> of nowhere, to create a new race portraying thick nerdy glasses,
> faces and a desperate need of publishing utterly
> scientifically-flawed crap in security conferences, forums, blogs
> Ranum's podcast.
> Finally, Matasano LLC., managed to make a world out of a single
> Quicktime exploit. This crack commando, known for bashing the
> identity (known to be a group of desperate gangsters willing to
> real mayhem over whitehats' wifes) arguing "they are publicity
> stunts". Drugs must be working, meds still in pharmacy. Anonymous
> sources comment that this desperate move for publicity might be a
> sign of serious financial problems in the consulting firm, which
> being managed by a real moron from outer-space, Thomas P-ee-tacek
> (phonetic emphasis is mine). Known for publishing an IDS evasion
> paper circa 10 years ago, he possesses strong management skills,
> well as a talent for pissing off the wrong people. He also forgot
> that IDS evasion is more than your own version of 'hping'. They
> also stupid enough for getting as much as 10K USD from the ZDI,
> they could have sold it to iDEFENSE for a higher value and
> fingerprinting. The consulting firm denied negotiations with
> Computer Inc. for a possible Leopard-related contract, which
> explain the absolute lameness and faggotry shown in all the
> mentions of the Cupertino-based manufacturer as "pleasing to work
> with, absolutely reliable and honest, smooth and tight as the ass
> a 7-year old".
> Shall the world end in major struggle, fire and massive ruckuz,
> beloved journalist-on-field, Larry Seltzer, will continue to
> unbiased news reports and save the world from evil h4x0r forces
> utilizing the giant honeypot force, completely controlled by him.
> Nothing will stop him from getting the job done. No fear, no
> Sacrifice and hard work. Drugs and heavy attention deficit
> The Great Asperger Army. Nothing, absolutely nothing will stop
> Ever.
> Regards and kisses,
> Larry Seltzer - reporting from the outer space.
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