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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] iDEFENSE VCP Challenge

Re: [Full-disclosure] iDEFENSE VCP Challenge and botnet technologies

From: h4h <aza_at_nospam>
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 05:32:55 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

On 5/20/07, johnny.mcdanger@mac.hush.com <johnny.mcdanger@mac.hush.com> wrote:
> can any of you wankers tell if this is the same moron with no life
> that keeps posting on FD or if it is a bunch of copy-catters now?
> unfortunately it appears the ever increasing noise on this list is
> coming from dumb-shits that havent an idea that theyre failing to
> embarass anyone and theyre just continuing to prove what a sad
> pathetic waste of life they are. while equally as lame and useless,
> this last post wasnt anything like the other spoofs. i might assume
> this larry seltzer post is just a copy-cat of a new loser making a
> try to be the centre of attention. in either case you have
> miserably failed at getting any sort of message across other than
> youre a bumbling fucktard with no life.
> mentioning n3td3v and gobbles-they might be one and the same. it
> wouldnt surprise me if these past posts were the work of the same
> group of morons. its quite obvious that there is some form of
> mental deficiency with the lot of you. im not sure why anyone even
> mentions gobbles these days. you just give the shit-head some
> happiness. remember youre dealing with a person that down syndrome
> or something similar. its amazing he could ever function. ive seen
> the specials on the television about this. those with down syndrome
> have some function they can latch on to and work well with,,like
> playing piano or math. it appears in the case of you
> all,,especially gobbles that using a computer seems to be your area
> of focus. have you seen this bloody guy? its a surprise to me his
> tongue doesnt just hang from his mouth. i believe this is a picture
> of him now,, http://static.flickr.com/75/195983063_e380efd610.jpg
> please just be advised you are a useless piece of shit along with
> those you are copy-catting. i know you will read this and most
> likely not reply. but i do hope you know you are very much so
> useless in life and most of us might delete your mail or laugh it
> off,,but we all mostly feel bad for you and how pathetic you are.
> --jMcD

Is that a hint^H^H^H^H large amount of jealousy I sense, jMcD? you're rant is almost as long as larry's. h4h4.

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