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infosec-news: [ISN] IT used in majority of crimes committed

[ISN] IT used in majority of crimes committed

From: InfoSec News <alerts_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jan 10 2011 - 07:37:19 GMT

By Dina Aboul Hosn
Staff Reporter
Gulf News
January 9, 2011

Sharjah: Crimes, in which information technology is used, are
accountable for about 70 per cent of all crimes according to a recent
study in Abu Dhabi, which showed that most crimes were committed using
information technology, a Dubai Police officer said.

Addressing interrogators, judges and law students, Major Saeed Mohammad
Al Hajeri, Head of the Information Technology Crime Department of Dubai
Police, said recent studies show that cyber criminals keep up with new
developments in IT.

In his lecture titled ‘Procedures Followed in Investigating Information
Technology Crimes' delivered at the Institute of Training and Judicial
Studies in Sharjah, Major Al Hajeri said any new software or system
usually comes with many security gaps and other shortcomings, and
criminals make the most of that.

Among the most common crimes is providing illegal VoIP (Voice over
Internet Protocol) calls, which is the preferred method of communication
for drug smugglers and human traffickers, among others, since these
calls are hard to trace, he explained.

Hacking is another illegal activity, and that includes hacking websites
of banks, companies and government department, as well as hacking into
individual computers and emails for different reasons, Maj Al Hajeri
said, adding that hacking programmes are easily available on the


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