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infosec-news: [ISN] [Infowarrior] - Results: "Rename The DM

[ISN] [Infowarrior] - Results: "Rename The DMZ!" Contest

From: InfoSec News <alerts_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Jan 18 2011 - 07:54:04 GMT

Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rforno (at)>

Here are selected comments from the 'Rename The DMZ!' contest I
announced the other day. No clear winner, but lots of snark. --- rick

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DMZ --- It is a fantastic name - an inherently flawed architecture that
is incredibly expensive and does not work in the real world. Single best
representative concept in the business

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Point of Cyberspatial Demarcation (PCD)

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I'll bite: Mobius. (maybe Mobius zone? Mobius network?) The Mobius
strip doesn't have an inside or outside, per se. Similarly,
that-which-we-until-recently-called-the-DMZ isn't really inside or
outside, but shares some attributes with both. And just as what you see
when you look at a Mobius strip depends on how you look at it, what goes
in the Mobius nee DMZ is highly implementation-dependent.

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Vapor-Lock Zone

< -- >.

Communications Unrequited Traffic Zone

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The Taint. It's between the a---hole (the internet) and the... interior.

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I agree in spirit that it's not a great name, although I disagree with
this explanation - it's DE-militarized, so by definition there should be
no offensive capabilities within the DMZ (even though there may also be
no offensive capabilities outside of the DMZ either). The name actually
does make sense in the context that it's sort of a no-man's land between
two heavily fortified lines which is probably what most of us military
lay-people think of when we hear it in reference to Korea....

Nonetheless, as sort of an insulated area between the trusted internal
network and the Internet, it always brought to my mind an image of a
thermos bottle - the trusted network inside, the Internet outside, and
the DMZ in between the inner and outer walls.

So my proposal is the Dewar Zone as in Dewar Flask, which invokes (at
least to my mind) a decent image of what's going on. Thermos Zone might
be a little more accessible, but hasn't Stanley already suffered enough
from having their trademark genericized?

Since Dewar starts with 'D' it also gives us an opportunity for a
backronym like "Dewar Managed Zone" or something similar so people can
still use DMZ (although this would still probably be no good for
military folks).

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