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metasploit-framework: [framework] Proxing/brokering meterpreter

[framework] Proxing/brokering meterpreter session

From: zathrill <zathrill_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 11:01:54 GMT

Is there any way to proxy meterpreter session?

I have the following configuration
victim <----->NAT <----> internet <------>dd-wrt router<---------->pentester machine

I want to do reverse shell from victim to my dd-wrt because pentester's machine is not always online so I can't listen all the time. The problem is I can't install metasploit on the router because there is not enough flash space (only 1.5MB). Later I can try configure samba for external storage or add additional server but just for now I need some workaround. I was thinking about proxing somehow meterpreter session through router via ncat or netcat something like this:

router> ncat -l 1337 --broker --keep-open
victim> connecting reverse_tcp payload to router
penterster> connecting with meterpreter to router to check if session has been established (bind_tcp payload?)

Any other tool than ncat is fine (actually ncat might be to big with 1.6MB). Netcat doesn't have broker functionality I guess. Or maybe there is a way to trim metasploit to only essential file?