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metasploit-framework: Re: [framework] Meterpreter unexpectedly c

Re: [framework] Meterpreter unexpectedly closes

From: CED <consult_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Jul 10 2010 - 17:18:21 GMT

What is the default delay between tries? Can that be changed?

Joshua J. Drake wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 09, 2010 at 05:33:33PM -0700, Miguel Rios wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I've msfencoded a meterpreter reverse https payload using a win binary as a template. Everything seems to work fine when I test it in my XP SP3.
>> I see the outbound connection and the process running, but after about
>> a minute or so the process dies if there's no listener configured on
>> the receiving end and doesn't respawn.
>> What am I doing wrong here? I
>> must be missing something obvious. Is there a timeout option for this
>> reverse shell or a way to keep the process always running, even if it
>> can't connect to the listener? Or is this due to msfencoding the
>> payload somehow breaks it? I have tested that it does work properly when the listener is waiting for it, it's just the fact it timesout so quickly that is a pain.
> Miguel,
> When using a reverse connect payload, you can also try setting the
> following variable to something larger:
> Name : ReverseConnectRetries
> Current Setting: 5
> Description : The number of connection attempts to try before exiting the process
> As you can see, the default setting is 5 tries. The maximum possible
> value is currently 255. Hope this helps!
> PS. I created ticket #2229 for your reverse_https_allports request.
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