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postfix-users: RE: verify db with mysql

RE: verify db with mysql

From: Stefan <stefan_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2010 - 16:29:28 GMT

Hi list,

I'm in the process of adding write support to postfix's mysql client (you will
find a patch against postfix-2.7.1 in the appendix). But I have two problems:
1) the dict_cache_clean_event writes _LAST_CACHE_CLEANUP_COMPLETED_ to the
database. Is this the intended behaviour?

2) If I'm guessing right then the dict_cache_clean_event will iterate with
help of dict->sequence through the database and will look for keys to expire.
But I don't know how to implement this iteration/traverse process with mysql.
My first thought was to use "SELECT * FROM verify" and mysql_use_result() but
I'm wondering if there is a better solution.
Has anyone an idea of how to do this?

Thanks for your help and best regards

> > by Stefan Jakobs on 2010-06-13T19:43:00+00:00
> > Hello list,
> > I refer to my question of august 2008
> > (, and see
> > below).
> > What are the necessary steps to add update support to the mysql client
> > (Postfix 2.5.6 or newer)?
> > Has someone already done this and is willing to share the code?
> > Thanks for your help and kind regards
> > Stefan
> Wietse wrote on August 22nd 2008:
> Stefan Jakobs:
> I think this involves writing, testing, and documenting code. The
> design stage can pretty much be skipped for this fill-in-the-blanks
> exercise.
> Wietse