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postfix-users: Re: ..::Spoofing Issues::..

Re: ..::Spoofing Issues::..

From: Jeroen Geilman <jeroen_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Oct 04 2010 - 19:42:01 GMT

On 10/04/2010 09:37 PM, Alfonso Alejandro Reyes Jimenez wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> I have an issue with some users that are spoofing our mail server,

Spoofing what ? how ?

Proper configuration and a submission setup can prevent sender domain

HELO "spoofing" can be limited or eliminated, if you wish.

> rightnow we can restrict the spoofing on the same server.
> But if they use another smtp server pretending that they are on our
> domain the can send those emails.
> I use to work with websense which can be configured to get only mails
> from the users and ip address that belong to the domain, is there some
> way to tell postfix that he owns the domain and it
> reject everything that pretend to be the same domain?

Certainly, although this is not necessarily a good idea - how will
remote users send mail ?

Using SASL submission with restricted senders is a common scenario, and
anything in $mynetworks should be trusted by you anyway.

> Or any other idea to prevent the outside spoofing?

If you mean sender domain spoofing, yes, quite trivial: set up proper
mail submission, and deny anything else.

-- J.