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postfix-users: Mail Statistics (OFF TOPIC)

Mail Statistics (OFF TOPIC)

From: Carlos Mennens <carloswill_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 06 2010 - 18:32:13 GMT
To: Postfix <>

Guys I apologize if this doesn't belong here but I did a 'Google'
search and I decided it would be best to ask the community who uses
Postfix from an 'administrative' perspective. I am looking for a
statistics utility for mail. I don't really have any specific
requirements but anything that can give me an overview of what my mail
server is doing in bulk. Obviously viewing '/var/log/mail.log' is not
practical unless I am searching for something specific. If you guys
have any utilities and or programs you recommend for Linux / Postfix,
please let me know. I deeply apologize if this is not the proper place
to ask such a question.