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postfix-users: Re: any major reasons to have newer postfix?

Re: any major reasons to have newer postfix?

From: Jeroen Geilman <jeroen_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 06 2010 - 19:31:09 GMT

On 10/06/2010 07:16 PM, D G Teed wrote:
> Usually I prefer to work within the package management provided
> by a distro, or some repository collection. It can provide timely
> security updates and you can have some confidence that all
> of the updates coming at once are tested to work together.
> I avoided the default Postfix from Redhat years ago and put in
> postfix 2.4.6 built from source. That version is still newer than Redhat's
> 2.3.3 RPM, four years after the install! In the meantime, Debian
> provide 2.5.5 currently.
> If I needed a very good reason to not use Redhat's postfix,
> is there a major feature or issue (or two) that comes to mind?

2.4.6 won't have sqlite support or postscreen, but read the release
notes on the main postfix site for exact details - we don't know what
you consider significant.

-- J.