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postfix-users: Postfix and mixed setup

Postfix and mixed setup

From: Basti <traced_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 14:47:15 GMT

Hello List,
I want to rebuild my complete postfix setup, because requirements have
changed for it...

By now the server is just relaying to servers behind it, and all users
get checked by reject_unverified_recipients, and then routet to the
backend servers by a transport entry in mysql. The Domains are in a
mysql db, with following settings in postfix:

relay_domains = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/
transport_maps = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/

The database schema: (id, domain, transport)

But now I need a setup where I can mix the following requirements:
- Relay for domains with unknown user list, with
reject_unverified_recipients and per domain backend server transport.
- Relay for domains with fixed user list, and one backend server transport.
- Relay for domains with fixed user list, but each address can have an
alternative transport (usera@ -> servera, userb@, serverb). eMails to
non existing addresses should be rejected (unknown user).
(- Per Domain amavis feed to another for policy banks in
pre-queue setup)

But I really donĀ“t have an idea how this could be made easily by using a
database setup. Maybe I just need some buzzwords for another google
research :-)

Thanks in advance,