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postfix-users: Re: SV: Catch S/mime header and change destinatio

Re: SV: Catch S/mime header and change destination

From: <lst_hoe02_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 16:14:44 GMT

Zitat von Peter Sørensen <>:

> Good point ! You're right.
> The problem I am about to solve is that we to accept encryptet mail to
> a specific mailbox and this has to be decryptet before we scan for VIRUS/SPAM
> A server will be dedicatet for the decrypting/encrypting purpose.
> This is outside
> our MTA so my downstram postfix will receive the mail , If signed
> this should be
> sent to the decryptimg server and when decryptet it will be sent back to
> the postfix MTA and the scanned for VIRUS/SPAM.
> Hope this clear out what I want tp achieve

We use a S/MIME Gateway
( for this purpose
which plug-in as after-queue content filter before the AV-Scanner. If
you plan on expanding your encryption service you may want to do it
this way.