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postfix-users: RE: Deliver mail to multiple queues

RE: Deliver mail to multiple queues

From: Joseph L. Casale <jcasale_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 20:33:55 GMT
To: 'Postfix users' <>

>What is the problem? Your gateway server forwards mail to the
>mailbox server as usual, but then the mailbox server is "reset" to
>some earlier checkpoint, causing all mail to be lost that was
>delivered since that earlier checkpoint. The mail is no longer on
>your gateway server, so there is no mail to replay.
>The proper solution is not to deliver that mail to the mailbox server.

I need to receive mail for that domain from various external clients
during this period. Only me, so I can do it any way, doesn't need to
be User convenient.

>For example, turn off the mail software on the mailbox server before
>making the checkpoint, or do something on the gateway server that
>keeps it from sending mail to the mailbox server.

I normally do this during maintenance windows with the defer_transports = hold

>Besides playing
>games with defer_transports, you could use a firewall rule or
>something else that prevents mail from traveling to the mailbox

Ok, so I can stop mail at the firewall. When I apply for an SSL cert on the
weekend and the SSL company uses the WHOIS DB to send a confirmation
email to me, how do I get my cert _this weekend_ to have that stage of
my maintenance completed? The conf mail will have bounced?

If I roll back the mailbox server during this period, delivering mail back into
it would be most convenient. I don't want, but need mail delivery working
and I cannot change DNS records for this, the window is to short and abrupt.
I don't want to setup a new mailbox server and deliver there as that's more
work, then I have to migrate that mail out and in.