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postfix-users: DEAD THREAD (Was: ..::Spoofing Issues::..)

DEAD THREAD (Was: ..::Spoofing Issues::..)

From: mouss <mouss_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 22:24:13 GMT

  Le 06/10/2010 00:37, Noel Butler a écrit :
> On Tue, 2010-10-05 at 23:46 +0200, mouss wrote:
>> Le 04/10/2010 23:03, Terry Gilsenan a écrit :
>>> Configure postfix to use SPF, and setup an SPF record in DNS for
>>> that domain.
>> then what? you reject mail because of spf fail? that would lead to
>> false positives...
> We've used it for years, had very little complaints, maybe half a
> dozen in all that time.
> SPF is a "must use" IMHO, and by use of "-all" ... providing you
> configure your DNS correctly.

if you're in this list for some time, you probably know that spf debates
are taboo here. Please accept my apologies for my post (I didn't realise
that I was putting my foot in that old hole!).