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postfix-users: Transport maps for a specfic user attached to a v

Transport maps for a specfic user attached to a virtual domain

From: Olivier BONHOMME <obonhomme_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 08 2010 - 15:38:21 GMT

Hello everybody,

I am writing here because I have an issue trying to use transport_maps
with a domain which is declared as VIRTUAL.

My architecture is the following : I have a Postfix instance which acts
as MDA for several domains so I use the Postfix Virtual Domain feature.
Everything works perfect. No problem with that.

Now i would want this step : Redirect a specific account
from the MDA to another SMTP server but this account is not declared on
the MDA.

I wonder if it was possible to do this with the transport maps feature
or not. I tried to declare a transport_maps with "
smtp:<my_other_smtp>" but postfix rejected me the mail telling me this
account is not a virtual mailbox (which seems to be logical).

The main objective is to redirect a specific address which is a mailing
list addres to the mailing list server without using a subdomain.

Thanks for your answers.